Saturday, May 31, 2008

7.5 Habits

Ok --what's easiest for me??
Taking responsibility for my own learning! Hands down. I am always reading, always seeking, always curious, always striving. This is easy for me.

Problems as obstacles would be the hardest --because I find it hard to stop to learn a new way or the correct way or the best way. I tend to look for a workaround or asking for help instead of taking the time to do a painstaking learning. I tend to be "Hurry up -show me fast". I want to be more methodical.

Thats it ...

PBWiki Post

you ask how we can use this at OCL??

OMG OMG --Let me count the ways!

We can use this in lieu of OceanNet for many many things

We could create collaborative booklists --the heck with emailing back and forth!

We could draft policies and procedures with multiple people contributing

on and on and on!

Lets go!

The Last thoughts

Well...this was fun! An excellent opportunity! I used almost all of these web 2.0 tools already, but I gained more understanding because I read all the explanatory material, followed links, and watch vids!

Congratulations to All!

I only had trouble completing 2 items

google docs....which I use all the time, but couldn't get into to add to the oclwebchallenge doc

sandbox because I didn't have the invite key!!!

Listen NJ

Hey --I'm a long time user of this! Got my MP3 going to the gym everyday!

How do you think I keep up with teen books - huh?

I really should teach a class.....

OK.....I even taught it to a friend!

Podcasts - All Sings Considered on NPR

This is the podcast I picked

Can ROCK save the world?

Maybe not ROCK - but I do think ART saves the world everyday!!!


Hey Check this out

Teens are on YouTube unbelieveable!

This was made by one of my filmfest winners Mike M from TR HS North....

Did it for class --it was an assignment about Jamestown Settlement!

This is learning too!

Web 2. 0 Awards

Hey I love Revolution Health --it was an award winner!!

Wow...I just found a great way to target really great websites on a huge variety of topics!

Just go to the award winners! We should be teaching this in our lab --what a fun class!